We specialize in fun, engaging, confidence building learning experiences for ages 4 and up.

Focusing on safety, teamwork, and horsemanship. our programs develop physical skills and build appreciation for all living creatures.


The perfect intro to VIRC, riding, and the world of horses in one session.  Ideal for our summer and weekend visitors, Horse 101 is 90 minutes of learning and fun!  Participants learn how to safely handle and be around the horses, as well as catch, lead, tie, groom, and tack up their horse.  Basic arena riding skills are taught, and we finish with a trail ride in our peaceful woods.  $120/rider. Limited to 2 persons.

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Our goal is to have our students become self-sufficient, empathetic, and confident. All students are taught the basics of catching, leading, tying, saddling, and caring for their mounts. The riding portion of the lesson focuses on correct techniques, developing the physical skills necessary to be balanced and safe. It has been said that 'nothing gets you in shape for riding like riding does'; learning to balance astride a moving platform is a unique and whole body experience that is like no other sport. You'll discover muscles you didn't know existed; be prepared to be exhilarated and engaged like never before! All lessons end with a cool-down trail ride in our private on-property wooded trails. 60 minutes, $65/session. Buy a pack of four for $260! 

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A super fun 3 hours, either 10-1pm or 1-4pm (scheduled at your convenience!). Camp starts with horse themed games and crafts including a small take home project to commemorate the day at the farm. Campers learn how to safely lead, groom and tack up their horses; we cover basic riding techniques in the arena, practice riding thru an obstacle course, and even go on a trail ride! Limited to 3 campers/session, $125/camper, includes supplies and safety equipment. (bff/sibling sign up = $115/camper!).

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Pony Parties


At our place: We provide the ponies, the games, the crafts, you bring up to 8 kids (and their snacks) to enjoy time at the farm filled with fun and pony rides!! 3 hours; includes a take home hand-craft, intro to horses, pony rides in the arena and a short trail ride. $350, includes supplies, and safety equipment.

At your place: we can bring our pony to you! How awesome would it be to have a pony appear at your party!! We can even decorate the pony based on your parties theme (think unicorn, princess, cowboy).  One hour of pony time at your place is $250, includes transport, pony decorations, and a photo of each child with the pony. (We can’t accommodate actual pony rides off our property, so sorry! But we do guarantee a super fun hour of pony snuggles, decorating, and learning while at your party.)

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Equine Facilitated Learning

VIRC is proud to offer an integrative approach to horses through unmounted activities.  Our Equine Facilitated sessions give individuals the opportunity to build relationships, feel accepted, and learn to respect differences. Participants learn how to establish connections with our horses and instructors through engaging and interactive lessons in a safe, nurturing environment.  Through our EFL program, clients experience skill building which can have positive physical and cognitive benefits. Our sessions are full-sensory experiences in a natural outdoor setting; the students will be seeing, touching, and moving with the horses. Our compassionate learning environment promotes a peaceful and comfortable experience for all.

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Please complete the REGISTRATION, INFORMATION, CONSENT AND LIABILITY FORMS. Here are the steps to enroll in our program: