Attendance and Cancellation 

VIRC desires consistent attendance by all participants. If you are unable to attend a regularly scheduled session, notification must be made by CALLING or TEXTING your instructor at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. If you fail to cancel without 24 hours notice or do not show for your appointment, the following policies apply based on your session type:

Single Session Payment Plan:

  • First offense: you may reschedule your session without penalty.

  • Repeat offenses will result in the full session fee applied; appointments cannot be rescheduled until the full lesson fee is paid.

4-Pack Payment Plan:

  • First offense: you may reschedule your session without penalty.

  • Repeat offenses will result in the full session fee being applied to the balance remaining on the 4-pack.

EXCEPTIONS: Family emergency’s, illness of the participant/instructor, and sudden inclement weather.  VIRC retains the right to cancel sessions with at least a 2 hour notice if the weather is deemed unsafe or just too horrid to deal with.


Participants should dress weather appropriate; we require long pants and sturdy boots/shoes (like Bogs boots or hiking/rain boots). Sandals, open toed shoes, or sneakers are not allowed. All participants must wear an ASTM/SEI certified equestrian sport specific helmet. Please do not wear large necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that dangle or excessively loose-fitting shirts or pants. Please be prepared for changing weather conditions, bringing rain gear and/or sunscreen. Clients not dressed appropriately will not be able to ride/be around the horses.

Fees and Payment  

VIRC accepts cash, check or credit card.  There is a 3% charge for all credit card purchases.  Sessions may be paid for individually or in 4-packs.  There is a $30 fee for returned checks.

Start time and Late arrivals 

Students should arrive 5 minutes before the start of their session, to allow maximum use of the scheduled session time.  Students should be picked up promptly at the scheduled end of the session.  Students are not to be left unattended before or after the session; VIRC is not responsible for supervising students before or after the session time.

Late arrivals will only receive the time remaining in the original scheduled time slot.  Full fees will apply even if the participant is late for their session.  Clients arriving too late to participate in the session will be considered a ‘no show’, and full fees apply.

VIRC Farm and Safety Rules 

  • VIRC is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Visitors, while welcome, MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE.

  • VIRC IS A NO-SMOKING FACILITY.  The use of drugs or alcohol on the property is strictly forbidden.

  • Listen to staff at all times!

  • Keep gates closed at all times!

  • Teasing, purposely annoying, scaring, or chasing the animals on the farm is strictly prohibited. Treat animals with respect.

  • Do Not go into fields, barns, or stalls without permission and supervision from a staff member.

  • Everyone must wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the environment.

  • DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS without permission and supervision.

  • NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED on the premise. Exception: dogs that will remain quiet and safe in a car, and service animals.  PLEASE CHECK IN with your instructor before bringing ANY animal onto the property.

  • Please allow our staff to conduct the session without interruption.

  • If your ferry is early, have a coffee!!  We will welcome you to onto the property at your scheduled time.

  • While family support is appreciated, siblings/parents/grandparents/etc can be a distraction for the participant from the full benefits of the session.  Please allow our instructors to focus on the participant, and the participant to focus on their time with the horses; keep the rest of the family either in the car or at the coffee shop.

  • Be safe and have fun!